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Rent a Boat in Valencia

Rent your boat in Valencia starting from 25€ per person with captain included. Sailboats, catamarans, speed boat or yachts for rent.

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Boat Rental in Valencia




Rent boat, Bachelorette party, events, celebration, and boat ride. Organize your events in Valencia with Wavepol through our easy boat rental. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking to host a special event. Live a unique experience at sea with watersports in Valencia. Celebrate aboard our exclusive boats!


Boat rental Sailboat in Valencia

Sailboat for rent for up to 5 people, you can request our paella menu on board with our easy boat rental in Valencia.

from 175€/h

YACHT 7ppl.

Boat Rental Yacht in Valencia

Yacht for rent for up to 7 people, rental with paella menu available with our easy boat rental in Valencia.

from 175€/h


Boat Rental SpeedBoat in Valencia

Speedboat for rent for up to 12 people with our water sports such as banana boat or jet ski. Rent your boat in Valencia with Paella on board.

from 300€/h


Boat Rental Catamaran in Valencia

Catamaran for rent for up to 12 people. Enjoy the sea views with a paella menu on board when renting our boats in Valencia.

from 420€/h

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Do you have any questions? Do you want to rent more than one boat? Do you want to organize special bachelorette parties? Contact us and organize your bachelorette party in Valencia with us.

OUR most popular tours in Valencia




Embark with our boat rental during the beautiful Valencian sunset, or discover the Valencian Venice at Port Saplaya with our most requested evening tours.

Embark on our most requested sailboat tour, witness one of the best city and sea views at sunset in Valencia.

from 35€ per person



Discover “The Little Spanish Venice” and enjoy an exciting journey through the charming canals of Port Saplaya.

from 50€ per person



If you are looking for what to do in Valencia, at Wavepol you can book our private 4-hour fishing adventure for up to 5 people. Unforgettable catches, scenic views, and lasting memories!

Discover the fishing boat ride in Valencia. A private tour for families and friends, perfect for professionals or beginners. If you want to live a different experience in Valencia, this is your adventure! Rent our boat in Valencia for your fishing outing.

from 80€ per person



Rent boat, Bachelorette party, events, celebration, and boat ride. Organize your events in Valencia with Wavepol through our easy boat rental. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking to host a special event.

Rent our catamaran, yacht, sailboat or speed boat and sail along the Malvarrosa, Valencia's most famous beach, starting from 25€ per person.

Rent a Boat in Valencia with Wavepol

Valencia is a city pulsating with cultural richness and captivating experiences, rivaling the charm of Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, or Seville. Whether you’re drawn to historical monuments, vibrant festivals, or pristine beaches, Valencia offers an eclectic variety of treasures waiting to be explored.


During your visit to Valencia, don’t miss out on the essential boat ride along the famous urban beach of Malvarrosa. Rent a boat in Valencia and admire the magnificent panoramas of the Mediterranean Sea. Let yourself be carried away by the sea breeze and explore the coastal beauty of this dynamic Mediterranean city.

Frequently Asked Questions about our boat rental

Do you have any questions? Do you want to rent more than one boat? Do you want to organize special bachelorette parties? Contact us and organize your bachelorette party in Valencia with us.

Where to Rent a Boat in Valencia?

Get the most affordable boat rental in Valencia with Wavepol. We offer easy and versatile boat rental, perfect for bachelorette parties, events, private parties, and leisurely boat rides. We assist in organizing the perfect day at sea, whether it’s to celebrate a special event or simply enjoy the sea with friends or family.

Choose Your Boat for Rental

We offer a wide range of boat rental options to suit your needs and preferences. From a romantic and cozy sailboat designed for up to 5 people, perfect for an intimate getaway, to a comfortable and classic yacht with a capacity for 7 people, ideal for gatherings with friends or family. For those seeking more intense thrills, we have a speedboat designed for adventure lovers, accommodating up to 12 people, ensuring an adrenaline-filled experience on the sea. Additionally, we provide our largest vessel, a spacious catamaran with a capacity for 12 people, offering ample and comfortable space to enjoy unforgettable moments on the water.

Rent a Boat for Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Immerse yourself in a unique experience with our special bachelor/bachelorette party pack on the boat of your choice. At Wavepol, we specialize in offering you an unforgettable day filled with fun and excitement. Our exclusive boat rental includes a variety of activities designed to bid farewell to single life in style, themed decorations to create the perfect atmosphere, selected drinks to toast and refresh during the journey, all while sailing through the spectacular waters of Valencia. Let us take care of all the details so that you and your friends can simply focus on enjoying this special occasion to the fullest!

Rent a Boat for Parties

Discover a unique experience with our boat rental offer for organizing your parties. At Wavepol, we offer you the opportunity to host private boat parties in Valencia, with all the details carefully planned to ensure an unforgettable celebration. Our packages include an expert captain who will guide you through the crystal-clear waters of Valencia, themed party decorations to create the perfect atmosphere, a bottle of cava to toast the special occasion, a complimentary drink per person to refresh while enjoying the sun and sea, and a delicious appetizer to satisfy your taste buds during the journey. Celebrate your event in style and elegance on the sea with Wavepol!

What to Visit by Boat in Valencia?

Discover all the charms of Valencia with our exciting boat tours! At Wavepol, we offer you the opportunity to explore the waters of Valencia from an unique and fascinating perspective.


Embark on our guided tour of Port Saplaya, where you can admire its colorful houses from the water while immersing yourself in its charming maritime atmosphere.


For those in search of romance, there’s nothing better than our sunset romantic cruise. Enjoy the magic of the sunset as you sail through the tranquil waters of Valencia, creating unforgettable memories with your loved one.


Additionally, for fishing enthusiasts, we offer exciting fishing excursions with all the necessary equipment included. Immerse yourself in the excitement of sport fishing while enjoying the beautiful maritime landscape that Valencia offers.


Whether exploring the harbor of Port Saplaya, enjoying a romantic sunset, or fishing on the open sea, our boat tours promise an unforgettable experience full of fun and adventure in Valencia.

Enjoying a Valencian Paella on a Boat

Explore the Mediterranean Sea while indulging in a unique culinary experience with our “meal onboard” pack! Our boat rental offers you the opportunity to savor exquisite dishes while sailing through the waters of Valencia.


Start your day with an energizing breakfast prepared especially for you, or opt for a lunch or dinner featuring nothing better than an authentic Valencian paella, made with the freshest ingredients and following the traditional recipe or one of the other meals on our menus. Immerse yourself in the flavors and aromas of this culinary delight as you relax under the sun and enjoy the maritime landscape.


Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a day at sea with friends and family, our boat dining package is the perfect choice to add a touch of flavor and elegance to your maritime experience in Valencia. Book now and get ready for an unforgettable culinary experience at sea!

Rent a Romantic Boat Ride in Valencia

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled romantic experience with our romantic boat rental pack in Valencia. Our dedicated captain will be your guide through an unforgettable journey on the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean, as you envelop yourselves in the magic of love.


To make this moment even more special, we have thought of every detail. In addition to the exquisite romantic decoration that will adorn the entire boat, we delight you with an appetizer, a refreshing drink, and a bottle of cava to toast to your love and happiness.

Whether to celebrate a special occasion or simply to enjoy a romantic getaway on one of our boats, our romantic boat rental package offers the most unforgettable and romantic experience that Valencia can offer. Book now and live a fairy tale at sea with Wavepol!

Water Sports in Valencia

Dive into the excitement of water sports in Valencia with Wavepol! For those seeking thrills, we offer the perfect combination of adventure and fun with our exhilarating banana boat and speedboat rides.


But that’s not all! You can also add an exciting jet ski ride to your experience. Feel the speed and excitement as you ride the waves of the Mediterranean, enjoying the swiftness that only a jet ski can offer. Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins as you enjoy the fast speed and thrilling turns on the water.


Furthermore, for fishing enthusiasts, we offer an exciting fishing excursion tailored for both amateurs and beginners. Our experienced guides will take you to the best fishing spots, provide you with all the necessary equipment, and will be delighted to offer you tips and techniques so you can fully enjoy this unique maritime experience.


Don’t miss the chance to create unforgettable moments at sea with Wavepol! Book now and discover the excitement of water sports and fishing in Valencia.

Sleeping on a boat in Valencia

If you’re looking for an affordable yet comfortable accommodation in Valencia, we have the perfect solution for you! Immerse yourself in a unique experience aboard one of our boats, either a sailboat or a yacht, for a truly unforgettable night.


We ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible by preparing our boat with all the necessary amenities. From cozy beds to inviting relaxation areas, our goal is to guarantee your total comfort during your stay.


Moreover, to start your day off right, we offer you the option to enjoy a delicious breakfast on board. Our team will be delighted to prepare a fresh and nutritious breakfast for you to enjoy while taking in the breathtaking views of the sea.

With Wavepol, we not only offer you extraordinary accommodation but also a unique experience that you will remember forever. Book now and discover the magic of sleeping under the stars in the Mediterranean Sea!.


What our customers say about us

Tamara Fernández
Tamara Fernández
¡Mi experiencia con WavePol fue simplemente inolvidable! Celebramos mi 31 cumpleaños con el Boat Tour Sunset Cruise y no puedo estar más contenta. Desde el principio, el equipo de WavePol nos brindó un servicio impecable y una atención personalizada que superó todas nuestras expectativas. El paseo en barco al atardecer fue mágico y, junto con mis amigas, disfrutamos de vistas impresionantes mientras el sol se sumergía en el horizonte. La tripulación fue amable y profesional, asegurándose de que todas nos sintiéramos cómodas y disfrutáramos al máximo. Lo que realmente me sorprendió fue la variedad de actividades que ofrecen. Nos contaron sobre su novedad, la Banana, una actividad acuática que definitivamente queremos probar en nuestra próxima visita. Este año, mi amiga se casa, y ya estamos planeando volver para celebrar su despedida de soltera con WavePol. ¡Qué ganas! En resumen, WavePol no solo ofrece un paseo en barco, sino una experiencia completa. La combinación de un atardecer top, un servicio excepcional y la exclusiva de nuevas aventuras acuáticas hacen de esta empresa una elección segura para quienes buscan momentos inolvidables en el mar. ¡Gracias, WavePol, por hacer de mi cumpleaños un evento inolvidable! estamos deseando volver para la despedida de soltera de mi amiga y probar la Banana! 🚤🌅🍌 ¡Altamente recomendado!
Emese Csiki
Emese Csiki
We had an amazing trip, we enjoyed it very much. The stuff was friendly, I absolutely recommend this adventure.
Les deBoeck
Les deBoeck
Had a great trip last night with my wife to see the sunset. Our captain Fran looked after us very well. We were treated to a spectacular sky. A trip not to be missed. It was amazing. Thanks again Fran.
Sofía Pérez Chazarra
Sofía Pérez Chazarra
Una experiencia increíble, sin dudarlo volvería a repetirlo. La tripulación fue muy agradable y es una forma muy romántica de ver un atardecer de una forma diferente y exclusiva. Gracias por vuestro magnífico trato !
Madonna Ogbee
Madonna Ogbee
They changed the day of activity due to lack of personnel but waited carefully for everyone and where very communicative, making sure you were on your way. Fran was attentive to everyone and was a good host. Music was great and would definitely recommend. Bring a jacket or blanket, though it's just a hour, it gets cold quickly on the boat.
Petrov Denisa
Petrov Denisa
We had a very nice experience
Nanina Marinescu
Nanina Marinescu
It was an amazing trip, the price is budget friendly, the weather was great even though we were in valencia in late november. I would strongly recommend not to miss this experience. Also in the hotter days you can jump in the sea, so it’s even better. The skippers are really nice and chatty, we got some nice tips about what we can do in Valencia and also a glass of prosecco is included in the ticket.
Bhiruntha Karnan
Bhiruntha Karnan
My best friend and I had such a great time with Fran and his team. They were so accommodating and took us around to see some really great views! They also gave us suggestions of other places to see around. Would highly recommend this sunset boat trip for anyone who wants to see views, take nice pictures and have a laugh!
Valentin Hervouet
Valentin Hervouet
What an amazing experience ! It was perfect from the first message to the moment we went off the boat. 🛥️ The team was great and our captain super helpful. We got lucky and saw a beautiful sunset, and had a wonderful experience even if we arrived 10 minutes late (the crew made sure everything went smoothly). I 100% recommend !
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